Surfinia® Trailing Red

It's new
It's very early
And perfect trailing

You’ll often see the classic trailing Surfinia® varieties like Purple, Hot Pink or White. Just hanging from window boxes in hanging baskets or on street lanterns. But never in red. Well that changes today!
We introduce to you, the first early blooming red trailing Petunia. The Surfinia® Trailing Red.

It’s really, really, really early flowering (week 14), has the largest flowers on a red Surfinia® ever (6,5 cm), superb Surfinia® quality, fast flowering like Surfinia® Deep Red, it’s rain resistant, well branched, floriferous and vigorous. It’s just the best red trailing Petunia there is.

If you don’t believe us on our big beautiful blue eyes. Just get in touch and test them yourself.

Mention Surfinia® and people will say

Beautiful trailing Petunias

Surfinia® was the first trailing (hanging) Petunia brand on the market. Surfinia® Petunias are grown from cuttings and are perfectly trailing and rain resistant. A real breakthrough! Introduced in the nineties and still the top of the bill. But Surfinia® is much more nowadays. Surfinia® stands for high quality Petunias with a strong garden performance, endless flowering and excellent rain resistance.

Often people ask what the difference is between Surfinia® and Petunia. Well: Surfinia® is a famous Petunia brand (registered trademark) created by Suntory Flowers Ltd. (Japan) and introduced onto the european market by MNP flowers (The Netherlands). Lots of regular Petunias these days are being sold under the name of Surfinia. Chances are that these plants won’t give you the same results that an original Surfinia® will give you. There are 5 good reasons to buy a real Surfinia® Petunia. Read More!

“Every Surfinia® is a Petunia, But not every Petunia is a Surfinia®!” 
(Klaas Droog, Productmanager | MNP flowers)

Surfinia® creates iconic images and

Colors your city

You’ve probably have seen an iconic image somewhere in Europe from an old city centre with brilliant cascades fall from window boxes everywhere! well that’s what Surfinia® is all about. Creating iconic images and give color to every city. Which type of space you want to give color to and how you want the plants to grow. Surfinia® has the perfect plant for you. The Surfinia® collection consists not only out of the famous trailing types, but we have also very early blooming Petunias, compact table types, landscaping types and special colors and flower shapes. Go to the top of the page and see which type of Surfinia® you need.


The true
Story behind
The Petunia

MNP flowers obtained the European rights to all future products from Suntory Flowers Ltd. They launched the Surfinia® Petunia onto the market together, employing a unique system. The first Surfinia® varieties date from 1992. Still, the products and its brand name are one of the few to have asserted themselves on the market and which are recognised by European consumers and far beyond. In addition, Surfinia® has been the market leader in the trailing Petunia segment for many years.

Suntory Flowers Ltd. and MNP flowers has led the way in bringing innovative new varieties to market. These include Million Bells® Calibrachoas, Tapien® and Temari® Verbenas, Summer Wave® Torenias and more recently Sundaville® Mandevillas and Senetti® Pericallis. From Suntory’s origins as a beverage company in Japan, the company’s goal is to create new products that enrich people’s lives. Suntory Flowers’ message for consumers is:

“Kantan, Kirei, Jobu,” which means “Easy to Grow, Gorgeous, Longevity”


We're there for you

The Surfinia® collection is a tried and tested garden favorite will be given a refreshing, contemporary marketing boost. Just imagine what that will mean for sales of this plant and for your business! Surfinia® is a guaranteed cash cow for retailers, earning it the position of market leader in its segment. We want you to share this phenomenal success. Include Surfinia® in your product range, and you will reap the benefits too. That’s why we’ll be offering you the very best marketing support, gadgets and products, so that Surfinia® will become your most wanted product too, guaranteed to get buyers coming back for more. We hope that you will be keen to share the one and only true Surfinia® with your customers.

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